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'Perfectionism Reinvented'  

An ultimate self-discovery digital guide, helping you deal with the traits and the traps of perfectionism and retrieve life balance.

This ebook series was inspired and designed following the research on the topic of 'human reinvention' conducted in partnership with professors from Harvard University. 

Part 1:  The traits and the traps of perfectionism  OUT NOW!!!

'Perfectionism Reinvented' Part 1: The traits and the traps

What this ebook will give you:

Part 1 of 'Perfectionist Reinvented' was designed to help you get started on your self-discovery journey, and to provide deeper understanding about the traits, the traps and the root of your perfectionism.

This ebook contains 3 modules:

MODULE 1: What is perfectionism- How it affects your daily actions.

MODULE 2: Stress, Burnout, Loneliness - The invisible traps of perfectionism and How to avoid them.

MODULE 3: The roots:Where does it all come from and How to shape the path for new habits.

In addition to rich content, the guide is packed with 34 practical psychological and behavioural exercises that you can complete at your own pace and revisit at anytime. 

What you will learn:

  • In-depth definition of perfectionism and how it shows up

  • How to uncover the common themes and confusion related to perfectionism

  • How to assess the areas of life most impacted by perfectionism

  • The deeper understanding of the benefits of perfectionism 

  • Why its important to pay attention to the invisible traps of perfectionism

  • How to spot the early signs of getting yourself into the trap

  • Where your own roots of perfectionism come from

  • The parenting styles that affect perfectionism

  • How media, culture and the world around might be feeding your perfectionism

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