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Choose your next destination

  • 1:1 Career Coaching designed to address your individual needs
  • Exclusive 12 weeks Business Mentoring with Global Leaders helping you secure new job
  • A self-paced Online Course helping you find the courage to try new things

Step 1

Pick the Challenge

that you would like to embrace

Step 2

Create your learning environment, study and practice

Step 3

Meet Mentors, Coaches and Business Leaders

Step 4

Create your business Resume, enhance your Brand

Step 5

Win your corporate position, or build your own venture


Targeted 1:1 Career Coaching

Commit to 4, 8 or 12 weeks of 1:1 learning with your own business coach. Gain clarity and validate your options. Build and enhance your professional brand. Let go of uncertainty, confusion and start making decisions that will help you achieve more.

Business Mentoring

Business Mentoring for Athletes

An exclusive Business Mentoring program for athletes in transition helping you secure a corporate job and gain real business experience thanks to your dedicated mentor. The program runs twice per year with limited number of seats. 

FREE for Athletes!

Next edition - September 2024!

An online course

"Perfectionism 2.0 - Find the courage to try new things"

Let go of self criticism and  overcome your need for control with our step by step approach to help you rebuild self - esteem and balance.

Next Session: June 2024!

I have worked with Agata for a year, and it has been a fantastic experience. She has a genuine interest in my growth and has enriched me personally and professionally.

Learn about your identity and strengths with a
FREE Reinvention Assessment

It only takes 15minutes! Take the assessment, learn about your reinvention type and receive a customised report. 

join us 

Help us reach 1 Million Athletes around the world: give, learn and inspire.

  • Stay up to date with sport & business career news and trends

  • Receive support from industry leaders and make impact

  • Share your experience with others, give and learn

  • Meet fellow athletes in transition who are ready to change the world

Meet your fellow business leaders, work with great talent and become part of the change.

  • Be part of our challenges and Mentoring program

  • Participate in live events and share your greatness with the world

  • Take advantage of our networking between sport & business leaders

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