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Hi! I am Agata,
Great to meet you!

Agata Polcyn


Business Psychologist & Executive Coach

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Financial Services Leader, Singapore

“Agata is an experienced people developer. I had the opportunity to join her on leadership/management training and her feedback was on point. Agata has been quick to identify training needs on the team and suggest effective ways to bridging the gap”
Mountain Ridge
Is this coaching right for you?

✓ You’re ready to face the 1:1 challenge, create a game plan to improve and achieve your career goals. 

✓ You feel a bit uncertain about what's next, but you are ready to find the courage and move forward.

✓ You have career options - but you hesitate! Where do you start? How do you break into new path, change role? How do you get real and authentic with your career?

✓ You’re doing ‘fine’ at your current job…but lacking real passion. Things are not the same anymore. You’re sooo ready to make a change.

✓ You feel stuck in your role and run out of creativity. You need help getting results, like, now.

Total SGD 2200 (GBP 1290)

Step 1: Book the program that will address your needs. I help clients in three ares: Career Development/Transition, Entrepreneurship, Identity Crisis 

What you will receive:


✓Pre-Work assignments before our first session

✓Three in total 1:1 coaching sessions with me: 1x 90min and 2x 60min

✓Weekly homework and assignments

✓Access to me via email and Teams for the duration of our program

✓Practical materials, tools and results (more details see below)

Home Office Study

Choose the path that is right for you 
* I only take 3 clients per month - please purchase at your convenience and I will notify you about proposed start date

Career Development/Transition

Corporate Career Coaching helping you clarify your next job options, Get practical guidance on the use of AI tools, create best CV, cover letter and LinkedIn page to stand out amongst recruiters.

What you will get:

  • Guidance how to use AI tools 

  • CV and Cover letter update

  • LinkedIn page refresh

  • Action plan for jobs search

  • Interview preparation

  • Professional Network expansion 


Dreaming about setting up your own business/brand? This program will help you get honest with the crucial elements of entrepreneurial journey. We will get practical with AI tools, business vision and plan including markets, financials, branding and more. 

What you will get:

  • Guidance how to use AI tools 

  • Create/Review Business plan

  • Create comprehensive action plan

  • Review Financial and Legal checkpoints

  • Validate your brand strategy

Identity/Career Crisis

Identity crisis is a hidden opponent that 1 in 5 athletes battles with and every Business Leader I met, went through it.  This counselling type of program focuses on self awareness, strengths, authenticity and growth initiatives with a goal to bring balance, harmony and clarity for the journey ahead.

What you will get:

  • Resilience Toolkit for any adversity 

  • Greater self awareness

  • Mindset reset 

  • Action plan

FREE tools to support your growth

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